The physical, chemical and biological levels of your soil is essential for optimum productivity.


We provide a full range of soil nutrient tests such as lime, phosphorus, potash, trace elements and organic matter. We can also provide in depth soil mineral ratio analysis using the Albrecht concept of analysis. Based on these soil test results our qualified agronomists can provide best advice on a fertiliser plan for your farm to help you make the most efficient use of your fertilizer.


In order to provide a comprehensive service to our customers, if our product range does not suit your particular needs, we can formulate a custom blend to suit your requirements.


All of our bulk spreaders are equipped with the latest technology in GPS systems to offer a very accurate, efficient bulk spreading service across all our retail stores for both tillage and grassland farmers.

We deliver extremely accurate spread patterns right up to the field boundary with little or no overlapping. Fertiliser wastage & crop lodging will be eliminated.

  • New features include:
    • New headland spreading systems mean Fertiliser is spread evenly & accurately right up to the ditch.
    • Full GPS connectivity means:
  • Auto steering – allowing unmatched accuracy & consistency of spreading widths.
  • Minimal overlapping at headlands because spreader is switched on & off automatically.
  • Minimal overlapping in short ground because spinner speeds & application rates are adjusted automatically
  • Variable Rate Lime &/or P&K application is an option.
  • GPS field mapping is available
  • New infield tray testing “spread pattern testing” can be carried out.