We have a top class Crop Agronomy team in place to help you devise quality, cost effective spray programmes for all your crops.

J Grennan & Sons have direct access to all of the major Agri-chemical manufacturers and are well placed to provide you with the expertise and value for money in agrochemicals that modern crop production requires.

There is now an almost endless choice of individual agri–chemicals and / or spray programs available to crop growers for any one crop. To make matters further complicated, the list is constantly changing with older chemicals going off the market and new molecules or generic form of older chemistry becoming available all the time.

In addition all farmers now have obligations under cross compliance legislation to apply only those chemicals with label coverage for the specific crop, in the correct amounts, within fairly specific windows of crop development. Proper records of all spraying have to be kept & failure to do so can be very costly to the grower.  Apart altogether from legal obligations, the correct choice and utilisation of agri-chemical inputs is of crucial importance to the final yield, quality & profitability of the crop.

So in a nutshell, the entire business of spraying crops is highly complex and most growers have too much to be doing and cannot afford to get too bogged down in the detail of Agrichemical rates, combinations, timings etc. It needs the input of specialists

We stock all the leading chemical for the range of crops (including grassland). We have direct access to all the leading international chemical suppliers allowing us to supply you with the very best chemistry at the right price.


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