• Formulated to 20% Cr. Protein, this is a very high spec ewe ration which is specifically designed to maximise milk supply and lamb vigour
  • Designed as a pre & post lambing ration for the very prolific flocks scanning 2 or more lambs per ewe.
  • Also a first choice feed for the pedigree breeder.
  • Should also be used for the less prolific flock where the forage is either less than top quality or naturally low in protein.
  • Lambs at foot should be offered a specific lamb creep feed once they reach 2 to 3 weeks of age.
  • Lamb vigour & ewe milk supply are crucial to a successful lambing season.
  • This ration is ideal for both pregnant & lactating ewes.
  • Formulated to 18% Cr. Protein, it is a highly digestible feedstuff, packed full of every nutrient the ewe needs.
  • This makes it a superb feed for ewes in those critical 6 to 8 weeks before lambing and also for those first 4 to 8 weeks post lambing when milk yield & lamb thrive is so important.
  • Lambs at foot should be offered a specific lamb creep feed as soon as they reach 2 to 3 weeks of age.
  • This feed is extremely palatable due to the inclusion of toasted ingredients (maize, barley, peas, beans).
  • Will maximise early intakes and growth rates in young lambs.
  • Can be fed right through to slaughter at 12 to 15 weeks, but ideally lambs should be switched over to Lamb Crunch Follower or Elite lamb pellets once intakes are satisfactory.
  • Ideally used as a follower to Pedigree Lamb Crunch, but can also be fed as a starter diet for young lambs.
  • Formulated to 18% Crude Protein, with a high level of digestible fibre, this ration will compliment the increasing daily grass & forage intake of rapidly growing lambs.
  • Designed to stimulate high intakes, this ration will deliver high daily liveweight in gains lambs & excellent carcass confirmation.
  • Can also be fed as a pre-tupping Ram Booster feed.
  • This is a top class, high cereal, high energy, finishing ration for the older lamb.
  • Designed to be fed to all lambs over 12 weeks of age. Should be fed twice daily or better still on an ad-lib basis once daily feeding levels exceed 0.33kgs /day. As with all high feeding regimes, careful management is essential.
  • Formulated to 15% Cr. Protein
  • As in all our lamb diets we have specifically formulated the mineral balance in this ration to greatly reduce the risk of Urinary Calculi and Copper toxicity in intensively fed sheep.


  • Designed for the most prolific flocks where good lamb size and vigour at birth needs to be absolutely guaranteed irrespective of litter size.
  • Hi Pro Soya and ground maize make up the foundation of this diet to support the ewe in delivering excellent milk yields.
  • This very high energy nut can also be used to increase the ration energy density where the forage is less than top quality.
  • Lambs at foot should be offered a specific lamb creep feed once they reach 2-3 weeks of age.
  • Our most popular diet for ewes pre and post lambing
  • Top class energy dense nut for in-lamb ewes where pregnancy is limiting dry matter intakes shortly before lambing and for lactating ewes with high quality proteins to boost both quality and yield of colostrum and milk for suckling lambs.
  • Formulated to 18% Cr. Protein, it is a highly digestible feedstuff, packed full of every nutrient the ewe needs.
  • Contains rumen degradable proteins and rumen by-pass proteins to optimise lamb birth weights.
  • Formulated to 18% protein to support pregnant and lactating ewes and to compliment good quality forage for the critical pre and post lambing periods.
  • Suckling lambs can also be allowed access but once intakes become significant, they should be offered a specific lamb diet.
  • Will deliver good milk yields and lamb vigour when fed at appropriate levels
  • Excellent quality nut delivering a highly nutritious and palatable starter feed for lambs.
  • Ingredients are selected to ensure they are easily digestible, with a focus on maximising energy intakes and lamb development while preventing any digestive upsets.
  • Due to being very high in energy it can be used right through to slaughter when needed to compensate for difficult weather or grazing conditions.
  • Pedigree sheep breeders are extremely happy with the results they are achieving from their flock by using Nugget Elite Lamb Nuts.
  • This is a high energy creep feed for lambs.
  • Formulated to 16% protein with high levels of top quality cereals to maximise both growth rates and kill outs.
  • Suitable for all ages, so it can be fed as a starter or as a follow on to our Elite lamb nut or any of our Lamb Starter crunches
  • As with all high feeding regimes, careful management is essential.
  • We have specifically formulated the mineral balance to greatly reduce the risk of urinary calculi and copper toxicity in intensively fed sheep.
  • The main feature of this product is it’s physical size of 15mm in diameter.
  • This product is ideal for outdoor feeding by hand or with a meal snacker. The extra-large size of this cob results in minimal waste at feeding and is very suited to mountain sheep farms or outdoor lambing flocks
  • High cereal diet for pregnant & lactating ewes as a supplement to forage. Will deliver the extra energy needed by the ewe in the last 6 -8 weeks of pregnancy.
  • This diet is very flexible where ewes are lambing in different batches as it is well balanced for feeding pregnant ewes or ewes turned out to grass post lambing.


20kg Mollassed Mineral & Vitamin Block

  • A top class mineral bucket for all lamb, hoggets, ewes and rams.
  • Contains high levels of all essential minerals & vitamins
  • Contains maximum permitted levels of Zinc to promote harder hooves, healthier feet and reduced lameness.

Reasons to use Nugget 4 Way Sheep Block

  • Delivers high levels of 4 different forms of Zinc to cater for the wide variety of nutrient interactions that can occur in different soils and forages. These interactions often supress the uptake of vital minerals such as zinc.
  • Such high levels of Zinc will help harden your sheep’s hooves, improve overall hoof health and reduce the incidence of lameness in your flock.
  • The inclusion of high levels of Cobalt is designed to reduce ‘summer stop’ in lambs, ie the all too common reduction in lamb thrive in mid-summer due to cobalt deficiency. Just 2.5g per head per day of this bucket will supply the recommended 1mg of Cobalt that will prevent summer stop in most cases.
  • The increased levels of Selenium & Vitamin E are extremely beneficial in terms of disease prevention & avoidance of white muscle disease (Muscular Dystrophy).
  • A unique blend of minerals & vitamins to support rapid growth in the intensively fed lamb.
  • Intended for use in home mixed diets to lambs/hoggets
  • Contains Ammonium Chloride to help prevent Urinary Calculi in male lambs
  • Sulphur & Molybdenum in this mineral will aid in the prevention of Copper toxicity – this can be a problem of long term intensively fed lambs even when no added copper is included in the feed.
  • High levels of Zinc are included to help harden and strengthen hooves
  • Hi Spec Mineral & Vitamin Supplement
  • Contains a perfect blend of vitamins & minerals which enhance the performance of your flock.
  • Protected Selenium (Selplex) is included which ensures ease of lambing, vitality of newborn lambs & subsequent thrive.
  • High levels of Cobalt are included which improves ewe fertility and aids in lamb thrive & growth.
  • Cal mag is added to prevent ‘grass tetany’.
  • Chelated Trace Element Bolus
  • Unique slow release matrix
  • 12 month continuous Slow Release Cobalt for Sheep from 16 weeks of Age.
  • Each bolus contains 1000mg of Cobalt with 100mg of Selenium and added Zinc and Magnesium.
  • Continuous 12 Month Cobalt Supplementation.
  • Pregnancy ketosis is clinical energy deficiency and can occur pre- and post-lambing. Together with an increased energy requirement at lambing, a reduced intake pre-lambing places significant strain on metabolism especially where twins or triplets are expected. Ewe Keto helps ensure your ewes get the energy they need to produce healthy lambs and be ready to nurse them immediately.
  • Farm-O-San Ewe Keto contains Propylene glycol and glycerine to provide extra energy, niacin and vitamin B12 improve energy utilization and choline to support proper functioning of the liver. Farm-O-San Ewe Keto also contains vitamin E and zinc to support resistance.


  • Wonder Lamb is formulated to deliver high live- weight gain and excellent health status in lambs and id goats.
  • Wonder Lamb contains an excellent health package to boost the overall immune system of young lambs/kid goats and improve feed conversion efficiency (FCR) by reducing the incidence of diarrhoea and respiratory diseases.
  • Suitable for bottle feeding, automatic feeding systems & ad-lib feeding.





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