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J. Grennan & Sons are major players in the Irish farm polythene & crop packaging area. We offer all of the highest quality brands competitively priced.


  • Available in a wide range of sheet sizes
  • Available in both rolls and packs (that fit easily into a car boot)
  • Use 500 Gauge Film – for extra strength
  • Highly resistant to weathering. Guaranteed 12 months  UV-Stability
  • Have maximum tear resistance.
  • Highly adhesive, clear plastic sheet which sits below traditional black silage sheet.
  • Thin, flexible and low permeability sheet.
  • Designed to closely follow and cling to pit surface preventing pockets of trapped air forming. This significantly reduces aerobic spoilage on the top and shoulders.
  • Creates the right anaerobic conditions, facilitating a faster, more efficient fermentation process to deliver enhanced silage quality.


  • Superior, high strength 5 layer stretchfilm that withstands the rigours of high speed wrappers and tough, stemmy forage crops.
  • Silotite is the product of choice for contractors and farmers who seek the combined benefits of high strength, reliability and durability in a balewrap.
  • Sourced from BPI, a business who have evolved into one of the most responsive and dynamic polythene film businesses in the world, a major player in what is rapidly becoming a truly global industry.
  • Premium quality polythene.
  • Recommended by leading baler manufacturers such as McHale.
  • UV protection
  • Available in 1500 mt. and 1800 mt. rolls in colours Black, White, Green and Olive.
  • High tack inner layer delivers superior long-term sealing.
  • Outstanding resistance to punctures and overstretching.
  • Trouble free wrapping gives firm, secure bales.
  • Fully UV-stabilised to generate maximum protection in storage.
  • Excellent protection against water thanks to ideal adhesion
  • Easy handling of silage bales
  • Less residue on the stretch unit
  • Greater Yield
  • Excellent oxygen barrier
  • The netwrap alternative
  • Superior oxygen barrier
  • Exceptional puncture resistance
  • Additional bale edge protection
  • Optimal cling capacity
  • More compact, denser bales
  • Smooth film surface
  • Unique sleeve packaging
  • Easier to recycle
  • Zeus Epicrop Balewrap users get the best of both worlds, including comprehensive consultation, research and field trial programmes involving farmers, contractors and agricultural research facilities.
  • 5 layer technology :
  • U.V Protection
  • Greater Mechanical Strength
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Improved Oxygen Impermeability
  • Better Adhesion
  • As a result of their dedication to research and development, ASPLA can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the performance of their 3, 5 and 7 layer films for bale silage.
  • Their wrap is manufactured using the highest quality raw materials available in the market providing optimal mechanical properties for stretching, resistance and reliability.


  • We stock the well-established, high quality brand – Acorn Green Edge.
  • The net wrap with the distinctive green stripe , designed for netting Silage, Hay and/ or Straw
  • Longer reels mean less downtime on the machine & more cost effective baling.
  • Features left–right loading indicator & red end warning.
  • Use of roll cradles significantly reduce the risk of damaged rolls.
  • Tama’s main area of specialization is Crop Packaging Products (CPP), packaging and protective products for agriculture. Tama is focused first and foremost on Netwrap for hay, straw and silage, an area in which it has led the market for the last 25 years.
  • TamaNet Edge to Edge 4500m
  • TamaNet Edge to Edge 3600m
  • Red setter projects itself as the most classical roundbaler netwrap in Ireland
  • Reliable, strong and full-covering
  • Performs well with any crop in any condition.
  • Orginal Novatex is an exclusive netwrap brand of Novatex.
  • 25 reinforced chains, placed wider than the standard netwraps.
  • The result is a strength superior to any other netwrap on the market.


  • We offer a complete range of Polypropylene Baler Twines.
    • Fine – for “Round” balers-  22300ft rolls
    • Medium –  for “Small Square” balers – 12000ft  rolls
    • Hesston – for “Large Square” balers – 7200ft rolls
  • We stock only high quality brands such as Red Setter and Novotex
  • All our twines are designed to flow freely and evenly from start to end of each spool.
  • All our twines are pre-tested and have to meet stringent standards for Breaking Strength and Knot Strength
  • Will suit all machine types.
  • Sisal twines also stocked to order (subject to availability).