• Medium energy, low protein cool cube for horses and ponies in light to moderate work.
  • Designed to put condition on your horse/pony while at the same time leaving them easy to work with.
  • Non-heating/ no fizz formulation, manufactured in a smaller denser pellet size for feeding little and often.
  • Formulated from top quality ingredients blended with the same superior mineral & vitamin package that is used in our Horse & Pony 12% mix.
  • Contains live yeast Yeassac to help promote fibre digestion and maintain a healthy hindgut.
  • High quality Oat based, moderate energy-level mix intended for leisure horses and ponies.
  • Specially selected ingredients deliver a slow release of energy for sustained performance.
  • Contains optimum level of high quality digestible fibre to prevent animals laying down excessive fat.
  • Only the highest quality oats are sourced and included in this mix along with Yeassac live yeast to maintain a healthy hindgut.
  • Contains the high quality protein source, Soya Bean which supplies the essential amino acids to enhance muscle tone.
  • All essential minerals are included as standard to ensure optimal health, shine and vitality.
  • Ideal for broodmares, stallions and young stock.
  • High quality source of protein to maintain and promote muscle development.
  • Higher levels of D3, E, and A for bone development and can aid fertility.

WARNING: Feed to indicated species only. Careful feeding management is essential. This feed stuff has NOT been tested for the presence or absence of specific naturally occurring prohibited substances, for which the Jockey Club and other organisations have set a threshold and accordingly is strictly NOT recommended for feeding to animals competing under Jockey Club and other association rules.





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