J. Grennan & Sons are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards across all areas of our business. We constantly assess ourselves in terms of our adherence to these standards & continuously seek to improve & set the bar higher.  Many of these standards are set by ourselves but some key areas are independently audited every year to ensure our continued compliance.


The Gold Standard as regards the manufacturing & distribution of all Animal Feeds in both Ireland & the UK is the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS). UFAS embraces all applicable National and European legislation and Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP), and allows for full traceability from the source of raw material to the finished feed on farm. J Grennan & Sons attained UFAS accreditation in 2014 & we see our continued UFAS accreditation as a vital driver of our quality control & feed assurance policies into the future.


J.Grennan & Sons are members of the Irish Grain Assurance Scheme (IGAS). This means that all the grain we purchase comes from quality assured growers, thereby ensuring our feedstuffs comply fully with the highest standards of food safety and traceability at all times.


We are now members of Bord BIA’s FQAS (Feed Quality Assurance Scheme) which reinforces all standards set out by the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme. In many ways, FQAS connects the dots for the farmer, as regards turning his / her use of UFAS assured feed, into extra added value at the farm gate for his livestock.

A detailed HACCP system, which is a legal requirement, is in operation and is audited every year to ensure all our procedures are working to eliminate, prevent or minimise risk to food safety. This document is assessed as part of all quality audits.