• CryptoShield is designed for use as an oral drench or can be mixed with milk or milk replacer.
  • If adding to colostrum or whole milk, first dilute CryptoShield at a ratio of 1:10 in water to prevent curdling of milk.
  • No pre-dilution required when adding to milk replacer.
  • Agitate milk/colostrum while adding CryptoShield solution.
  • Can be fed right up to weaning.
  • Must be used in conjunction with excellent husbandry and hygiene.

  • Post calving drink for cows
  • Rehydrates
  • Replaces lost nutrients
  • Boosts cow’s own energy reserve
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps cow put stress of calving behind her
  • Rapid return to full appetite and optimal health
  • Massive effect on productivity and profitability

  • Pect-o-lyte is a source of re-hydration for scouring calves.
  • It is used as an oral re-hydration for calves at risk of, during periods of, or recovering from digestive disturbance (diarrhea).
  • Pect-o-lyte provides the scouring calf with all necessary nutrients and acts as a vital source of energy for the scouring calf.

  • Lungbooster is a cost effective, completely natural solution for respiratory support in cattle of all ages.
  • Available in selected Nugget Calf & Weanling feedstuffs
  • Issues with Cryptosporidium, Clostridia, E-Coli, and Coccidiosis

  • Gut Guard helps prevent pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Clostridia, E.coil (Causes Watery Mouth in lambs) and Coccidiosis attaching to the gut wall and creating an infectious foot hold. Where scours do occur, Gut Guard reduces the duration and severity of these scours.Gut Guard is specifically designed to be fed 2-3 hours after the first colostrum feed. It lines the gut and forms a highly effective, totally natural barrier to many diseases of the gut. It also has astringent properties meaning it tightens up the gut wall, making it much more difficult for pathogens to gain a foothold for infection. It lines the gut wall of these animals and forms a very effective natural barrier against scour causing pathogens. It also tightens the gut wall junctions making it much more difficult for these pathogens to latch on to/or penetrate it. It fits in to the same slot in which the widely used antibiotic Spectam was used before being taken off the market and our experience with it to date is that it seems to work every bit as effective in most cases.


    • Gut Guard is most effective when fed within the first few hours of life.
    • Gut Guard is a highly effective preventative measure against many of the most common scour causing pathogens including Coccidiosis, Crypto, Clostridia and E.coli.
    • Gut Guard promotes the development of a healthy gut microflora.
    • Gut Guard gel will help to reduce the duration and severity of many scours
  • Lungbooster Plus – has all the same respiratory benefits of Lungbooster, but is fortified with an extra ingredient that helps improve the health of the intestinal wall & helps prevent scouring in young calves.
  • Available as an option in Nugget Wonderthrive Calf Milk Replacer
  • Ideally suited to finishing young (under16months) bulls &/or lean continental breeds.
  • 14% crude protein, 30% Maize  (+55%Cereals)
  • Contains Protected Fat to deliver high fat scores on young animals and on naturally thin structured breeds
  • Liveweight gains of 2kgs /day achievable under ad-lib feeding regimes
  • Contains rumen buffers Acid Buff & Yeassac live yeast to maintain a healthy rumen
  • Contains *Grennans Rumen Boost Beef Mineral & Vitamin pack to supply all essential minerals and vitamins including high levels of Phosphorous & Vit E

20kg Mollassed Mineral & Vitamin Block

  • A top class mineral bucket for all lamb, hoggets, ewes and rams.
  • Contains high levels of all essential minerals & vitamins
  • Contains maximum permitted levels of Zinc to promote harder hooves, healthier feet and reduced lameness.

Reasons to use Nugget 4 Way Sheep Block

  • Delivers high levels of 4 different forms of Zinc to cater for the wide variety of nutrient interactions that can occur in different soils and forages. These interactions often supress the uptake of vital minerals such as zinc.
  • Such high levels of Zinc will help harden your sheep’s hooves, improve overall hoof health and reduce the incidence of lameness in your flock.
  • The inclusion of high levels of Cobalt is designed to reduce ‘summer stop’ in lambs, ie the all too common reduction in lamb thrive in mid-summer due to cobalt deficiency. Just 2.5g per head per day of this bucket will supply the recommended 1mg of Cobalt that will prevent summer stop in most cases.
  • The increased levels of Selenium & Vitamin E are extremely beneficial in terms of disease prevention & avoidance of white muscle disease (Muscular Dystrophy).

This unique combination of Minerals, Vitamins, Live yeast and rumen buffers is specifically designed to deliver excellent rumen health, high intakes in top class performing, intensively fed beef cattle.

Its unique rumen boost technology comprising of  AcidBuf and live yeast Yeassac has been specifically designed to enhance intakes, maximise rumen efficiency, increase feed conversion efficiency and help in the prevention of digestive disorders such as acidosis.

Copper, Zinc and Selenium are all included at high levels to maintain healthy growth. Contains optimum levels of A and E vitamins for increased immunity and B vitamins for a healthy metabolism.

This is a well proven unique blend of essential minerals & vitamins, live yeast (Yeassac) and AcidBuf designed to improve rumen function and drive up intakes. All the essential minerals & vitamins associated with the high demands of lactation are catered for in this pack.

Yeast has been proven through many trials to improve Feed Conversion Efficiency by at least 10%. AcidBuf provides a slow release and long term buffering effect in ruminant diets. This will stabilise the rumen pH and combat digestive upsets caused by intensive feeding and/or lush spring grass.

It also contains Sel-plex, and Bio-plex Copper & Zinc which are important minerals associated with fertility.

Biotin is included to improve hoof health.

Magnesium is included in our feeds separately to the mineral in the form of Calmag. Magnesium helps to reduce the incidence of Grass Tetany. Cows cannot store Magnesium in their body so it must be made available to them every day in the form of a nut or through the water system.


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