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Worldwide, seed breeding has seen tremendous contraction and consolidation during the last thirty years. We decided to buck the trend.

Where once there was hundreds of small, independent Cereal, Grass & Vegetable breeding houses, we now have a situation where the majority of plant breeding is in the hands of a few large multi-nationals. This trend has been mirrored in the seed propagation business also. In Ireland, seed breeding has never been very prominent, but over the last 30 years or so, we have seen the closure and /or amalgamation of the majority of the propagation businesses.

In order to ensure that our growers have access to the best varieties as possible and to ensure that the varieties of feed grains that enter our stores are of the best feeding quality possible (non-malting varieties), we decided to buck the trend. In the early 1980’s we started up a new Cereal & Bean seed propagation /assembly business from scratch.

By working closely with our growers and keeping an eye on the independent data coming out from the Irish Dept. of Agriculture & similar independent bodies in the UK such as the NIAB & PGRO, we select & propagate those varieties that will deliver the quality & yield characteristics our growers require.

We are constantly on the look-out for new/ improved cereal and bean varieties and welcome all input and suggestions in this regard from growers, plant breeders & seed assemblers both near and far. Please contact a member of our crop agronomy team to discuss further.