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The silage you grow is the most cost effective feed source you can provide your livestock when compared to all other sources of feed over the housing period.  A fast fermentation is the key to optimising the quality of your silage.  The faster your silage ferments, the more essential nutrients will be retained. Powerstart is a silage inoculant that contains the unique fructan degrading, lactic acid producing bacterial bug called AberF1. Powerstart can access 100% of the sugars in your grass.

The bacteria in Powerstart, AberF1, are a UNIQUE strain of extremely aggressive lactic acid producing bugs that can access both the simple and complex sugars.  The AberF1 bacteria convert a portion of the sugar in the grass solely into lactic acid. This means that when you make your silage, your grass is preserved with a super-fast fermentation, preserving more vital nutrients when they are at their very best; producing highly nutritional, palatable silage your cattle will love to eat. Cow performance is ramped up in herds that feed silage treated with Powerstart. Not only does silage made with Powerstart taste great, but it has a great effect on performance too!


  • Powerstart is the only silage additive to contain Lactobacillus plantarum Aber F1, which can access more of the sugars in the grass.
  • Powerstart ensures a more rapid fermentation which means nutrient loss from the grass during the ensiling process is minimal. This means more production from forage and lower purchased feed costs.
  • Powerstart produces a better smelling and more palatable silage – silage that your livestock will be very keen to eat.
  • Powerstart has been shown to reduce calving to conception interval by 10 days on a trial of 25,000 dairy cows. This 10 days is worth €50/ cow. Powerstart is the only silage additive proven to have this effect.
  • Higher intakes of a silage higher in true protein and sugars mean that the rumen is more effective Powerstart improves body condition & has been shown to boost daily live weight gain by up to 27%* in finishing stock
  • Powerstart can lead to a reduction in days to finishing by 29 days