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  • An ideal starter ration for young calves from 7 days up to 2 months old
  • Fully balanced complete feedstuff that is specifically designed to encourage high intakes & promote early rumen development in young calves
  • Easily digested and highly nutritious
  • Highly palatable due to the inclusion of toasted ingredients (maize, beans, peas, barley)
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package
  • Ideally used as a follow on from Cooked Calf Crunch No.1 but an excellent calf starter in its own right
  • Designed for calves from 7 days old, up to and beyond weaning
  • Highly nutritious, very palatable complete feedstuff that has shown high intakes and exceptional daily liveweight gain
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package which contains a unique blend of live yeast which further improves digestion and feed efficiency
  • Also available with *Lungbooster
  • Ideally used as a follow on from Cooked Calf No.2, this ration is formulated for strong calves & weanlings
  • Rolled Maize, Barley, Soya & Beans constitute over 50% of this ration
  • Ensures excellent growth rates and confirmation in calves & weanlings
  • Can be fed ad-lib under careful management
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package
  • Designed for strong calves & weanlings from 5 months up to approximately 12 months old
  • High cereal based ration, delivers excellent levels of protein and energy, properly balanced with digestible fibre to ensure high growth rates
  • Consists of over 50% Barley, Maize and Beans
  • Can be fed ad-lib under careful management
  • Contains *Grennan Bovine + Yeassac mineral and vitamin spec.
  • Also available with *Lungbooster
  • Our Market Leader in calf feeds
  • A high energy highly digestible calf nut designed to maximise live-weight gain
  • Can be used as a starter right up to 6 months
  • Highly palatable nut that ensures excellent intakes
  • Formulated to 17% crude protein using high quality protein sources such as Soya Bean and Golden Distillers essential for muscle and bone growth
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package which contains a unique blend of live yeast which further improves digestion and feed efficiency 
  • 19% crude protein – High growth nut
  • Particularly aimed at replacement dairy heifers on grass silage during their first winter
  • Low starch formulation ideal for achieving high growth rates in dairy heifers without laying down excessive fat in the developing udder
  • Specifically designed to promote good frame size to help heifers achieve their target weight for breeding
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package
  • A high energy, highly digestible calf nut designed to maximise live-weight gain for calves that have been turns out on lush pastures.
  • Specially formulated to contain low starch and high fibre content to help avoid digestive upsets and complement the growing calf to make the best use of a grass-based diet.
  • Contains *Grennans Super Calf Mineral & Vitamin Package which contains a unique blend of live yeast which further improves digestion and feed efficiency.
  • This is a high energy, highly digestible calf nut designed to maximise live-weight gain and boost White Blood Cell activity.
  • Designed specifically to help ensure optimal health and thrive in young calves.
  • Suitable for calves of all ages from 7 days old right through to weaning and beyond.
  • Particularly suitable for calves in higher stress situations such as Once-A-Day milk feeding systems, poor housing conditions, bought in calves etc.
  • Stressed calves are inclined to have less active immune systems and therefore more open to picking up scours, pneumonia etc.


20kg Mollassed Mineral & Vitamin Block


  • Maximum permitted levels of Copper.
  • High levels of all essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Four different forms of Copper present.
  • 40% protected copper.


  • Contains very high levels of Copper. Do NOT feed to sheep or equine species.
  • Contains high levels of Selenium. Do NOT feed in areas which have soils high in Selenium.

4 Good Reasons to use 4 Way Copper Block

  • The bucket is unique, because it delivers high levels of four different forms of Copper. We have found that different forms of supplemental Copper have had different results from farm to farm so it makes sense to cover all farm situations.
  • In addition, 40% of the total Copper in this bucket is Protected Copper. This means it will not be mopped up in high Molybdenum situations and will remain available to the animal.
  • Total Copper content is set at the maximum level allowable i.e. 3500 mg/kg. The high level is very important because in many situations it is simply a question of having sufficient quantities in the diet.
  • We are not aware of any other mineral bucket to date currently available on the Irish market with such high Copper levels and we are seeing tremendous results with this bucket to date.


  • If you want trouble free calf rearing, then this is the product for you
  • Premium quality milk replacer designed to deliver excellent thrive and health status in calves.
  • Made from carefully selected milk solids to maximise digestibility and overall nutritional value.
  • Delivers high levels of disease prevention
  • Highly Palatable – calves simply love the taste of Wonderthrive. Calves that are on either whole milk or other milk replacer switch over to Wonderthrive without any hesitation.
  • Ideally suited for manual and automatic feeding systems
  • Delivers elevated levels of antibodies
  • Contains raised levels of Selenium & Vitamin E – vital for development of calf’s immune system.
  • Yoghurt enriched to ensure optimal gut health
  • Contains Organic Acids – keeps milk fresh for 24 hours after mixing & also helps the calf control a range of gut pathogens.
  • This is the exact same high quality product in terms of ingredients, nutrient spec and recommended feeding levels, as Wonderthrive Calf Milk Replacer with the addition of the completely natural feed additive Lungbooster Plus.
  • Lungbooster Plus is proven to reduce the incidence of pneumonia & all other respiratory challenges in farm livestock. It also helps prevent Scour caused by Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidia, two very common causes of scour in young calves.
  • In addition, Lungbooster Plus helps maintain gut integrity, ensuring maximum intestinal surface area for nutrient absorption.
  • Heifer+ is formulated for young dairy replacements
  • Promotes extra skeletal growth for longevity and durability
  • Skim based milk replacer
  • Lungbooster+ added as standard
  • 22.5% Protein, 25% Oil




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