We are constantly looking at new products, new services and better ways of doing things. We have pioneered the growing of Faba Beans in Ireland and our cereal cooking process delivers almost 100% starch gelatinisation


Ireland and indeed the EU in general has for a long time, been deficient in sources of protein for both human and animal feed. To satisfy the demand we see huge tonnages of high protein feed products such as Soyabean, Maize Gluten, Palm Kernal & Rapemeal being imported each year (over 20 million tonnes annually). Most of these feedstuffs are by-products of various food and industrial processes and as such have been tampered with one way or another to varying degrees. Apart from anything else, this means that most of them are inherently very variable in their nutritive value.

Early on in the development of our Animal feed business we identified a real gap in the supply chain for an unadulterated, home grown, high quality protein source to compliment and balance our locally produced cereals. We set about trying to find a protein crop that could be grown in Ireland and after a few years of growing and feeding trials on local farms we found all the answers we were looking for in the plant Vicia Faba…otherwise known as the Field Bean

We have now perfected the propagation, storage and utilisation of Field Beans in Animal Feeds in Ireland and would be widely seen as pioneers of the crop in this country.


We have a unique cereal cooking process in our feed mill. This process gives us extremely high levels (over 98%) of starch gelatinisation /cooking. It is currently the one and only animal feed cooking process on the island of Ireland capable of delivering such high levels of cooking.

Our process involves a unique steam pressure release treatment that effectively “pops” the grains, making them a lot more digestible. We have found this cooking to be beneficial in the diets of all stock but especially calves, lambs and non-ruminants. The Maize Nuggets we use as a signature ingredient of all Nugget rations are made using this process.

The greatest benefits to achieving such high levels of starch gelatinisation in a cereal cooking process are to be had in the nutrition of non – ruminants i.e. pig, poultry & pet diets.

Cooked cereals can be a very beneficial component in the diet of piglets in the pre weaning and early post weaning stages. Conventional steam cooking processes typically deliver maximum starch gelatinisations in the order of 60%. When compared to the 98% + we are achieving, with our “popping” process there is obviously great potential for improved performance.

We are currently undertaking a research trial with one of Ireland’s leading research centre’s to determine the effect of including our unique puffed maize in a pig’s diet. So far we have seen very positive results indicating to us that puffed maize has a real role to play in achieving greater weight gain in young pigs.

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