Field Beans, have been cultivated and used as a valuable source of energy and protein in both farm animal and human diets for centuries. A high energy feed – an excellent break crop.


  • Grennans have over 20 years’ experience in feeding Field beans to cattle and sheep of all ages.
  • Beans are highly nutritious with an ME higher than that of Barley and a Crude Protein content varying from 24% to 28%.
  • The high protein content of Field Beans naturally compliments the low protein of cereals.
  • The starch content of beans breaks down slower in the rumen than that of cereals, thereby providing a gentler outflow of nutrients in the animal’s digestive system. This is particularly important in high cereal diets.
  • When correctly processed, beans can be presented to the animal in a coarse flake as opposed to a powdered material. This coarse presentation is of great benefit in avoiding digestive upsets in ruminants.
  • The Field bean is a highly palatable ingredient.
  • Beans are an entirely traceable feed ingredient because they are produced on Irish farms, processed by Irish Millers, fed by Irish farmers, and are not genetically modified.


  • Profitability; when prospective prices for cereals are low, Field Beans are one of the most low cost and profitable crops you can grow.
  • Excellent break crop. Their ability to root deeply and fix nitrogen leaves soil in great hearth for following crops.
  • Easy to grow. Sow with a one pass, Apply herbicide, No top dressing, Spray twice at most & harvest
  • Weather proof crop. Even when ripe, Beans will withstand weeks of poor weather without significant losses
  • Easy to harvest. They are an open crop that is not prone to lodging. You get good airflow through the ripe crop and so they dry out rapidly even in difficult harvests.