We supply four varieties of Spring Barley here at Grennan’s. Our excellent range consists of Irina, Mickle, Propino and Sanette.


  • Our new addition to the list for 2016
  • Excellent variety, with very good characteristics.
  • Excellent disease profile.


  • Cleanest variety on offer with excellent disease profile.
  • Nitrogen usage needs to be carefully planned along with possible growth reg usage.
  • Later ripening so can be very beneficial for spreading workload where there is large acreage.
  • Variety of choice where grower is in a low input system.
  • Joint second highest yielder on recommended list.


  • Very good variety, proving very popular this year.
  • Provides best quality grain for the mill.
  • However, tends to get dirty and we found it had a lot of early Rhyncosporium and Net Blotch last year.


  • Probably the most popular variety.
  • Very high yielder in 2015 and it will be the most sought after variety in 2016.
  • Very short variety, similar to snakebite, a variety we had a number of years ago.
  • Best suited to very rich land where lodging will be an issue.
  • Can use very high nitrogen rates and therefore can be really driven.
  • At present, good disease profile, but may be a variety prone to disease in the future.