We supply three varieties of Winter Oats here at Grennan’s. Our excellent range consists of Husky, Barra, and Vodka.


  • An early maturing, very high yielding German variety with short straw and good resistance to lodging.
  • Moderately susceptible to straw breakdown.
  • Moderately resistant to mildew and susceptible to crown rust.
  • Very good grain quality


  • Late maturing, moderate yielding variety
  • Susceptible to lodging and straw breakdown
  • Very susceptible to mildew and susceptible to crown rust
  • Very good grain quality


  • **True Winter variety with good grain quality
  • Late maturing variety with good yield potential
  • Short straw with moderate resistance to lodging and good resistance to straw breakdown
  • Moderately resistant to crown rust and moderately susceptible to mildew